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Oncology Sleep Ezze is Hand Crafted with Safe and Effective Pure Natural Botanicals to Help Calm, Relax and Release Tension to Promote a Deeper more Restful Sleep. Roll-on 10ml

$ 9.99 $ 12.99

1/3 oz (10 ml)

Calming and Relaxing Roll-on for Bed-Time

Calming and relaxing blend of 100% natural botanicals.
It is specially designed to help induce long, restful sleep. 


Lavender is well known for its excellent calming effects for mind and body.

Jasmine essential oil’s properties make it an ideal tool for inducing long, restful, and undisturbed sleep.The aroma of jasmine essential oil has a pleasing and uplifting effect, helping the mind to reach its relaxing stage. 

Frankincense Oil is very effective as a sedative, because it induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality. It also awakens insight, makes you more introspective and lowers anxiety, anger and stress. 



Grape seed oil, Lavender, Chamomile Oil, Frankincense Oil, Jasmine Oil.

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